Our loyal following of customers want to eat healthily, enjoy our range of seasonal options and value for money. SHLURP!’s menu caters brilliantly for vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs, diets that are low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, wheat free or dairy-free, whilst still delighting traditionalists who don’t wish to compromise on taste.

Our way of cooking is labour intensive and we believe this is what makes the difference. Good quality, well-cooked food can’t be cheap but it is affordable. We believe that these values have helped us win three Great Taste Awards over the years, in addition to building the quality reputation of which, we are immensely proud.


Our food is cooked with 100% vegetable oil or olive oil. We never use hydrogenated or long life oils. Occasionally we utilise whole fats – coconut milk, butter, crème fraiche and try to minimise mayonnaise.


We only salt our food after cooking to ensure a minimum salt level (just great taste).


We try to avoid wheat and gluten as a thickening agent and prefer to use pulses, beans and potatoes in our recipes.


We very rarely add sugar, but occasionally a recipe calls for it, in which case we add the minimum at the end of cooking.


SHLURP! always has a large veggie choice and we aim to provide a good range of specials to suit both vegetarians and vegans.

Our packaging is re-cycled and biodegradable wherever possible within the rules of Food hygiene. We are committed to resourcing and utilising local and seasonal produce, wherever possible. We believe that this not only supports and encourages local producers and farmers but ensures our customers receive food which has traveled as little as possible to get to them.

Our Founder, Lucy Walker sits on the Manchester Food Board, with Manchester City Council, which aims to deliver healthy, sustainable food across the City of Manchester.